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The Silver Circle Audio pure power one 5.0 is an outgrowth and upgrade of our popular series of power conditioners. Some audiophiles with high-current amps requested a power conditioner with immense headroom, and thus was born the “5.0.” As you no doubt know, the 5.0 designation refers to the 5.0 kVa transformer in the unit. This massive transformer weighs in at over 65 pounds. When we were brainstorming the design criteria of this unit, we decided to pull out all the stops. Everything in the pure power one 5.0 is massively overbuilt.

Everything about the 5.0 was designed to provide the user with years of absolute trouble free operation. The primary and secondary of the massive transformer act as huge reservoirs of current instantaneously available when needed for extreme dynamics. The electrostatic shield between primary and secondary ensures electrically quiet operation. The neon front panel light was replaced with an LED that is user-replaceable and should last for 10 years.

A few of the well-known owners of the 5.0:

Harry Pearson, Founder, The Absolute Sound – HP has 3 of the units in operation at Sea Cliff
Jim Hannon, publisher, The Absolute Sound
Dave Allison, vice president, Operations, ABC Radio Networks
Steve Hoffman, Mastering Engineer
Alan Eichenbaum, co-owner, Scaena Loudspeakers

The highlights of the 5.0 are summarized below.  The sound is summarized as incredible.

5.0 kVa Proprietary 65+ pound isolation transformer
Massive black power coated 12 gauge steel chassis
3/8" thick aluminum front panel
Furutech Gold-Plated IEC inlet
10 AWG silver-plated copper power path wiring
Proprietary hand-built EMI/RF filter
Custom hand-built “soft-start” circuit with 30-amp rated relay
50-amp rated terminal block
Comes standard with Vesuvius Power Cord (a $900 retail value)
5.0 – 4 Furutech FT D20A(G) Gold 20-amp receptacles
All contacts treated Caig DeoxIT Gold for superior electrical transmission
Extensive internal vibration dampening

The pure power one 5.0 retails for $5,500.00 including shipping to any address within the contiguous 48 states.