"The Tchaik 6 is a stunning achievement which opens up an almost infinite amount of nuances that other wise would have remained trapped within the grooves.
Jeffrey Catalano, High Water Sound

"...if you have a system that can support a $9,500 upgrade, a Silver Circle Tchaik 6 shouldn't be on the list — it is the list.
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TCHAIK 6 Introduced at RMAF 2012

Silver Circle Audio introduced its newest product, the TCHAIK 6, at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012 at the Denver Marriott Tech Center this October. Jeffrey Catalano of High Water Sound, Alfred Vasilkov of Estelon Loudspeakers used the TCHAIK 6 to provide the power to their Award Winning rooms.

The Silver Circle Audio pure power one 5.0se
has been awarded an "Editor's Choice Award"
for 2012 by Harry Pearson
of The Absolute Sound.


Harry Pearson loves the pure power one 5.0

 In the March 2011 issue of The Absolute Sound, Founder Harry Pearson, in his Editor's Choice Awards selects the pure power one 5.0 and says, "I am, at this point, inclined to give it a five-star rating." HP now has three of the 5.0 power conditioners at work in Sea Cliff ...reprinted with HP's permission.

Stereophile selects the pure power one 5.0 Recommended Components Issue April 2011

Stereophile quotes Michael Fremer: "There was no downside to using the pp1 5.0, only a big upside."

 Jonathan Valin of TAS gave the Scaena Loudspeaker room at CES his "Best Sound."

Alan Eichenbaum of Scaena Loudspeakers
has this to say:

"The Silver Circle 5.0 was a wonderful addition to our CES 2011 show presentation. It is one power conditioner that seemingly has no deleterious effect and by greatly reducing electrically induced hash and grunge it allows the system's true glories to be revealed unencumbered by electronic artifact. It is a part of our in-house reference system and in use in our room at every show."

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